for Learning (1–12)

Leaders Changing the Future (LCF)

We believe that it is essential to include the partnership between student, school, and parent/caregivers in the recipe for student success. As such, students play an integral role in all that we set out to accomplish here at CFL. Our students are important to us and contribute in many different ways.  

The Leaders Changing the Future program provides opportunities for students to contribute responsibly to our learning environment, and to earn appreciation accordingly. All grade and age levels are involved, as we believe every step of the education journey is crucial to success.

This program offers students the chance to explore leadership opportunities, model responsible choices and quality character traits, learn and practice new skills, as well as perform odd tasks around CFL that simply help to make things run with greater efficiency.  

Volunteerism and fundraising are two key goals of the program. Also, mentorship with peers and younger students provides role-modeling, positive interaction and relationship-building skills and opportunities.

Students choose quality character traits on a bi-monthly basis, and are busy promoting these character-building tools by finding examples within CFL and the community, arranging displays on our bulletin boards and through the website. Our students look for opportunities to model and ‘lead the way’ in living these virtues within our CFL culture. 

Way to go students!  We are proud of you! Together, we do make a difference! 

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