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Home Education

Be in control of your child’s learning journey with the support of our Home Education program!

In Alberta, families can choose to educate their children entirely at home. This is a parent-directed program with access to teacher support. Parents can select curriculum, resources and methodology consistent with their family’s beliefs. We encourage parents to set a curriculum that aligns with their values, and provide learning opportunities specifically designed for their child. 

While this flexible schooling method has benefited families throughout Alberta for many years, it can be made even better through a partnership with Connections For Learning. We want give Home Education families access to the same opportunities experienced through our other programs, such as workshops, community learning events, field trips and more. In addition, our Home Education Program employs a certificated teacher who can help parents plan their child's program and provide educational support to homeschooling families throughout the school year. Funding is also available to support your home education plan. 

Connections For Learning Home Education values:

  • Learning 
  • Community 
  • Parent choice and freedom to design their own Home Education Plan 
  • Collaboration between parents and the school 
  • Providing a robust variety of optional learning opportunities and activities for Home Education families 


Families registering at Connections For Learning typically follow the three-step process outlined on our Registration page.

Step 1:

Complete the Parkland School Division online registration/verification process and select Home Education as your program of choice.

Step 2:

Once you have registered for school in Parkland School Division, contact Connections For Learning to complete the registration process, and fill out the required Home Education Registration Forms. If you need assistance with the using the forms or completing a program plan, please contact CFL to arrange a meeting.

Step 3:

Meet with CFL staff to submit all necessary forms, discuss program details and expectations, and finalize your Home Education Program Plan.

More Information

For more information about the Home Education program, please visit our Program Details or Frequently Asked Questions pages.

If you are considering Connections For Learning to support you in your Home Education journey, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at the school office to discuss the program's benefits, and all the opportunities it can provide to your family.

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Connections For Learning 
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