for Learning (1–12)

High School Outreach

The High School Outreach Program is for students with identified learning issues who are unable to manage in a large high school environment and do not have the skills to succeed in the independent environment of a traditional outreach program.

The CFL Outreach classroom has twelve students in Grades 10, 11, and 12 who are required to attend full days for five days per week. There is the assistance of a teacher and an educational assistant on a full-time basis. In addition, there are counselling services available from our Community Support Worker and individualized literacy support.

All students are working on an individualized program tailored to their needs. Student programs are developed to incorporate academic and social/emotional development goals and may take four years to complete. Programming is available for students to earn an Alberta High School Diploma or an Alberta High School Certificate of Achievement for those students participating in the Knowledge and Employability program.

A primary factor for students to be at ease in the outreach program at CFL is the environment. The small casual setting allows for reduced stress levels and multiple options for completion of work individually or within the classroom. A combination of individual and group instruction is built into each student’s program.

Programming is available for students to earn an Alberta High School Diploma or an Alberta High School Certificate of Achievement for those students participating in the Knowledge and Employability program. For those students who will be writing Grade 12 diplomas, please see your teacher for a schedule of exam times. 
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