for Learning (1–12)

How We Learn: Middle School (Grade 6-9)

This program will allow students to integrate their academic progression with their athletic development successfully by maintaining a schedule that accommodates both core learning and sports programming.

Academic Programming

The academic portion of the Grade 6-9 program is held at École Broxton Park School in Spruce Grove.

In many ways, the academic portion of the Parkland Student Athlete Academy will resemble a regular classroom experience: students will have dedicated classroom time for each of the core subjects (Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science). Our goal is to ensure each of our students is challenged and performing at their best academically. When a student excels, enrichment opportunities will be provided, and when a student struggles, we will look to reinforce fundamental skills.

Given the rigor of the program, it is crucial we understand how our students learn best; as such, we will work with closely with them to ensure their academic preparedness and understanding. Pre- and post-testing combined with literacy and numeracy benchmarking will help us plan for our students accordingly, and make sure they have a good understanding of one topic before moving to the next.   

Research & Development: Sports Science Labs

Students will have a weekly opportunity to participate in Sports Science Labs. These half-day sessions connect our students’ sports programming to their curriculum, and allow students to engage in research activities and problems of inquiry relating to both the curriculum and their sport.

For more information, please see the Research & Development and Flex Time page.

Learning on the Road

We understand that many students in this program will be traveling throughout the school year to participate in competitions. Online resources, print modules, special projects and other resource materials will enable students to address their school work and keep up academically while on the road, allowing them to transition seamlessly between classroom learning and distance learning.  


Student athletes are able to travel to school with their parents/guardians, or on a regular PSD school bus. Any athletic equipment travelling with the student on a regular bus route must fit within the safety guidelines outlined by PSD Transportation Services.

After lunch, transportation will be provided from the school to the student athlete's training facility, and back to the school afterwards. Please visit each sports page for details. 

As PSAA is a program of choice, parents may request to have their child bused to and from school with the understanding that:

  • Transportation services may be unavailable (no routes arranged) between your residence and a program/school of choice. 
  • The provision for transportation services, if available, may be delayed until after the commencement of the school term and only after all the eligible students are assigned to busing. 
  • Transportation services may be provided for one school year IF there is room on the bus. Parents/guardians must renew their request for program-of-choice transportation each year.
  • Buses will not divert from a regular route to provide transportation to a program/school of choice. 
  • Transportation services will require an additional fee to transport students to their program/school of choice, as we receive no funding for students who do not attend their designated school.

More information about transportation services for programs of choice can be found on the Parkland School Division website.

Program Schedule

Each sport-specific program within the Academy will have its own flexible schedule that not only allows sufficient time for academic learning and athletic pursuits, but also coordinates with the schedules of our multiple community partners. We will work with community partners to build our class time around their available sports programming, and together finalize each schedule.

Typically, afternoon programming runs on a six-day rotation, composed of:

  • Four days of sport-specific athletic training;
  • One Flex day; and
  • One Research & Development day.

A finalized PSAA Program schedule may look something like this:





First Bell

Teachers greet their students by their classroom doors and begin their day of learning.


Lessons Begin

All PSAA students study four core courses:

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science

In addition to these courses, PSAA students in the French Immersion stream also study French Language Arts.



Students enjoy unstructured recreation time.


Lunch Begins

Students travelling to sport venues for their afternoon activities eat and get changed quickly, then board their buses.

Students participating in R&D or Flex use this time to Work Independently Non-stop, Grow and Succeed (also known as WINGS time).


Buses Depart

Buses depart for sport venues.

Students in R&D or Flex prepare for lunch recess.


Lunch Recess

Students enjoy unstructured recreation time.


Sport Programming


R&D / Flex

Students participate in programming at various athletics venues depending on their chosen sport.

Students scheduled for R&D (tracking personal sport science development) or Flex (engaging in holistic learning) continue their learning at the school.

Learn more about R&D and Flex >>>


End of Day

Students learning at venues must arrange for their own transportation home, as school bus transportation is not available at these locations.

Students in R&D or Flex can be picked up at school or take the bus home, just as they would on a regular school day.