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For complete information regarding the registration process, or to register for school and/or busing, please visit the Parkland School Division website

Registration Process at CFL

As all programs at Connections For Learning, except Home Education, are considered programs of choice or involve directed placement, CFL works with the student’s designated school to determine programming for students new to CFL. Registration typically involves a three step process outlined below.

You are welcome to contact us to gather information and ask questions about our programs before beginning the actual registration process. As well, if you are interested in Home Education, contact us directly at 780-963-0507.

Step One – Contact Your Designated School

Parents contact their designated school to discuss placement/program options. As part of this step, an administrator from the designated school will contact the CFL assistant principal to refer the student to CFL. This step also applies to families who have just moved in to the area, even if it is mid-year.

Step Two – Intake Meeting at CFL

This meeting occurs with the assistant principal where parents learn about the programs at CFL and express their wishes for programming for their child(ren). Parents will be asked about their child(ren)’s school history, including any special needs that the student may have, and their reasons for choosing an alternative education program. Parents will also be informed about the guidelines, operational details, and parent/student expectations of the programs. Once agreement between the parent and the assistant principal is reached on the best suitable option for programming, registration for CFL will take place.

CFL Registration Requirements Include:

A date will be set for the parent and student to return for a programming meeting with their homeroom teacher. In some cases, the intake meeting and the programming meeting can occur immediately in sequence.

Step Three – Programming Meeting

This meeting occurs with the teacher, parents and student(s).

Parents/Students will discuss the following:

  • Enrollment in the program and the needs of the student
  • Setting up IPP (if applicable)
  • Operational details and expectations for the program
  • The need for parent commitment to the program
  • The review of courses completed (please bring a copy of the last report card received at the previous school attended)
  • Course selection
  • Program plan – a calendar of due dates – will be started (if applicable)
  • Distribution of course materials
  • A start date for on-site attendance

For Home Education families, a home visit will be booked to review the education plan for the school year.

CFL Specific Fees

View the registration fees that are specific to Connections For Learning.

For more information contact: 
Connections For Learning
Phone: 780-963-0507 
Fax: 780-968-1088