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7 Grade 7 Prerequisite

Summer School Choir *$7

Prerequisite: Entering Grade 7 or higher
Credits: 3 (Credits will only be awarded to students who have completed Grade 9 or higher)

Have you missed singing during the pandemic? Summer School Choir is the answer! Through COVID safe practices and rehearsal spaces, get back into group singing, and even perform again with a showcase concert at the end of the session.

Summer School Choir offers students entering Grades 7-12 the opportunity to study choral music as a member of a vocal ensemble. This performance-based course allows students to develop both creatively and critically through the interpretation of selected music. Through rehearsal, practice and performance, students will explore how choirs are a vehicle for communicating emotional and intellectual intent, while provoking the same in both performer and audience. 

Enjoy plenty of outdoor singing, games and wonderful repertoire, while making new friends. Junior high students will get a taste for a high school music class in a friendly community environment. High school students will experience an extension and deepening of the Choral Music 10-20-30 program.  

Though Grade 10-12 students will receive three credits for Choir 15-25-35 in summer school, it is strongly recommended they take Choral 10-20-30 in the regular high school schedule.

Location: Memorial Composite High School

Dates & Times: July 2 - July 16 (excluding weekends); 8:45am-Noon


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Visual Art 10 *$

Prerequisite: Completion of Grade 9
Credits: 5

Art allows students to represent the world in a unique visual way, giving them room to grow, to relax and to create. In this hectic, crazy and stress-filled world, art enables students to find balance at school.  

Visual Art 10 is an exploratory course concerned with the fundamentals of the visual arts. In this course, students will get to use art pencils, markers, clay, plaster, acrylic paints and block ink, and sketch daily observational drawings using various prompts and references. Students will be introduced to art and design fundamentals, drawing techniques, equipment and media, and will explore a range of styles. Drawing, painting, sculpting and printmaking is included in this experience.

Location: Memorial Composite High School

Dates & Times: July 2 - July 16 (excluding weekends); 8:30am-1pm

Please note: Times are subject to change based on activities planned. Teachers will share a course outline with specific dates, times and activities with students.

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