for Learning (1–12)

Virtual Learning

Parkland School Division is excited to announce the move towards developing a full-time online delivery program for Grade 1-12 education, set to launch for the 2020-2021 school year. This will be a teacher-directed program that will allow students to work from home via virtual learning tools and remote access to content. Parkland School Division will operate this program of choice out of the Connections for Learning alternative education site. 

Please Note: This program is not designed or intended for the purpose of responding to in-school class cancellation due to COVID-19. Should the current COVID-19 measures continue into the 2020-2021 school year, Parkland School Division will continue to promote learning through the students’ regular schools and teachers. Virtual Learning, on the other hand, is a full-time program with a full-year commitment for those who prefer to learn in this manner.

Program Considerations

How does Virtual Learning compare to other PSD programs?

COVID-19 Emergency Remote Learning

Home Education

CFL Virtual Learning

Reduced curricular expectations
(e.g. one hour per day)

Regular curricular expectations; full-time learning

Regular curricular expectations; full-time learning

Teacher-led learning with parent support

Parent-led learning with facilitator support

Teacher-led learning with parent support

Students work in grade level groupings

Students work independently

Students may work in multi-graded groupings

Learning is accessed through various means 
(i.e. paper pick up and drop off, online, phone calls)

Resources are parent-created or purchased, and sometimes supplemented with ADLC materials

Learning delivery is primarily online, so participating families would need to provide their own Internet access, as well as one dedicated device with a webcam per student. Please see our BYOD guidelines for more information.

Limited focus on Literacy and Numeracy for Grades 1-6; Core Subjects for Grades 7-12

Balanced approach to the Program of Studies

Balanced approach to the Program of Studies

No Provincial Assessments

Students are encouraged to participate in Provincial Assessments

If Provincial Assessments return, students will be expected to participate

Attendance not tracked

Attendance not tracked

Attendance in Google Meets tracked

Virtual Learning is a good fit for students who…

  • Are interested in a full-year commitment to this style of learning
  • Like the flexibility of working in the home environment
  • Are comfortable and have the skills to work independently
  • Are willing to commit to regularly participate with teachers and other students through virtual learning tools such as Google Meets
  • Are comfortable showing their learning through a variety of means, such as electronic forms and documents, video recordings, and digital photos
  • Are able to create and stick to a routine of learning in the home environment
  • Are comfortable with meeting their social needs online or have other opportunities for social interaction outside of school

Considerations for Interested Parents/Guardians:

  • Virtual Learning is a good choice for those students who work best in a teacher-directed remote learning environment. Would this type of learning work well for your student and your family?
  • Virtual learning is not a short-term solution for concerns about COVID-19 and the return to schools in the Fall of 2020. Are you prepared to commit to a full year (and beyond) of this style of learning?
  • Virtual learning requires at-home supervision and support, especially for younger students. Will there be an adult available to support younger students at home with:
    • The use of technology,  
    • Adherence to a daily schedule, and
    • Attendance in Google Meets?
  • Virtual learning requires Internet accessibility. Are you able to provide good internet access and a dedicated device with a webcam for each student engaged in Virtual Learning?

More details are coming soon - stay tuned!

For more information or to register, please contact:
Connections For Learning
Phone: 780-963-0507