for Learning (1–12)


Subscribing to CFL and program specific email lists!

With the roll out of our new web site ( comes a new way to subscibe to receive emails from Connections for Learning that will pertain to all families at CFL.  If you visit our website and scroll down to the right hand corner you will see the header "Newsletter".  This is where you will want to subscribe to receive newsletters, PAC minutes, PAC meeting agendas and any other items that the school may want to share with you regarding our programming.

Under "Newsletter" please subscribe to both the Connections for Learning (ALL programs-updates) as well as the specific program that your child is registered in (i.e. Stony Creek Program (Grades 1-9) Tues/Thurs & Alt Mondays.

We ask that all families who want to receive electronic communications from CFL to please take a moment to subscribe to the lists that apply to you, and only once you subscribe to these lists will you receive emails from the school as by law we must comply with the new Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation that came into effect July 1, 2014.  

You can also un-subscribe from emails from CFL and/or a specific program in the same way that you subscribe.